mardi 16 septembre 2008

C'est pas de notre faute, on nous a forcés!!!

Cette dépêche est fournie par Human Rights First


On Wednesday, September 3, Giuliano Zaccardelli, the former leader of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, blamed high-level political interference in the U.S. for the mistakes that led to the rendition and torture of Canadian Maher Arar. Arar, who is a native of Syria, was returning from a family vacation in Switzerland when border officials detained him on a stopover at New York's Kennedy Airport in 2002. Officials interrogated him and sent him to Syria, where he was detained and tortured for one year. Syrian officials released Arar after determining that he had no ties to terrorism. A two-year Canadian commission of inquiry blamed the false accusations that led to Arar's arrest on the Mounted Police. The police reportedly asked that Arar and his wife be placed on a terrorist database because, as the police contended, they were "Islamic extremists suspected of being linked to the Al Qaeda movement." Zaccardelli admitted that, while the police had made some mistakes, it was ultimately U.S. politicians that made the decision to send Arar to Syria, stating: "It's clear to me that that decision went beyond the law enforcement agencies. A decision at a higher level, at a political level of some sort, had to have been taken." Read more.

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